Hi my name is Andrew Gibbons…

This show-reel (new in 2019) brings together both recent and some older work of mine. It highlights my capability with video, but also gives a nod towards content production in general (looking at you EDM sequence).

In case your wondering, iamdesigner is my website and perhaps describes more where I have come from than where I am now. These days I am a content producer more than designer. I am content.

You can find a few longer examples of my work here.

You might be asking: Q. which bits did Andrew do?

The simple answer is all of it.

I wrote the scripts, story-boarded if needed, organised and shot people, edited what was left, built the animated/3D assets, and published it for the world to enjoy.

However, least I seem immodest…

I am indebted to the following, for providing the opportunity:

  • Kuga Electrical and Solar Run

  • Rob Kruber, who answered by questions so well that we won “Master Electrician Commercial Project of the Year, VIC, 2018”

  • Lazer Electrical

  • Club Assist, whose commitment to company values won “The Australian Business Award for Human Resource Management [HRM] 2015”

  • Television New Zealand (TVNZ)

  • The Business Playroom, thanks Renee and Andrew

  • Kevin Rogers, from Copy Chief

  • Loretta Hart, from Happy Chick Collective

  • Jacqui Anderson

  • Channel 10

  • Zeemo