My (iamdesigner) Planner V05

IAMDESIGNER PLANNER v05 image 160418.jpg

It all started when I had a lot of things to do and they were all very important.

I have been using my own planner for about 15 months now. It is in its 5th iteration (V05) and this is without a doubt the best version yet.

The planner covers a 12 week period and starts with a goal setting and review process. This goal setting process is repeated every 4 weeks. There is 4 months worth of calendar at the front and each week has an overview page. 

The idea is to be able to effectively prioritise by:

  1. setting no more than 3 achievable goals each month
  2. setting 3-5 essential (do these first) tasks each day
  3. providing space for time-bound and small tasks
  4. reflecting on and being aware of what is 'really important using the systematized review process each month

It is as useful to know why you didn't achieve your goals as it is that you were able to achieve others.

Using my planner I have identified areas of work and home life that are stressful for me, how I can mitigate that stress. What to include in each day or week to feel happy, healthy, and connected.