Blogdate 050319: Facebook Lead Ads

Yesterday was facebook posts. Today is Facebook Lead Ads.

What do the ads look like?

I need to know how much text to write, what kind of image to use.

I found this:

which was useful.

Lead Ads have very little text, similar to PPC.

After I had skimmed the post I searched for some example posts and created this.

Facebook ads mockup template.jpg

As you can see… there isn’t much text. Also the grey image space crops to become the orange image space when you click through to the form.

Next I considered Facebook User “Action vs Intent”

This was my best guess.

Facebook users re solar.jpg

However, having just had a chat with a Facebook Leads expert… Brand Awareness might not count for much. The new idea is:

Click-Through-Rate vs Brand Awareness

I don’t know the validity of this but apparently Click-through beats Brand.

So good content prompts clicks.

Phew… I hope that is somewhat coherent.

OK! I went back an updated my chart…!

Facebook users re solar click through vs brand.jpg

Wham! Endorphin release resultant from feeling that I am very clever.

Next up: I try to figure out what XYZ is at each stage.

Oh i also realised that my headspace/intent column could map to “Buying Stage” (awareness, consideration, etc..)