Production Blog: blogdate 270219

What is this blogdate stuff. It's a Star Trek reference.

Captain Kirk would say “Captains Log, Stardate ###.   We have boldly gone where no one has gone before. “

 So this is my online journal as I boldly go where I have not before. 

I am becoming more of a digital marketer and less of a content producer. The shift is this:

Previously produced content tactically to meet goals. 

More and more I am strategically defining goals for content.  

So I am still with the "content". I haven't yet completely left the physical production process behind. I do the analysis, the thinking, the planning, the design... 

... And I then do the writing, the shooting, the graphics, the editing, the reviews...  

Once the content is published then I move on.  

This is good. Imagine doing it all yourself! Incredulous.  

After all most of what I do now is lead Gen, or conversion optimisation:

  1. Increasing relevance to prospects to increase lead Gen.

  2. Optimal user experience, via messaging, to optimise conversions.

That second statement isn't the best. None the less it's all customer facing content and I couldn't be happier.