Blogdate 190319: This looks pretty cool. 3D terrain in photoshop

I just found this via Youtube.

Looks really fun. Please Note: fun in this case is playing around in photoshop making 3D images of map terrain using a height map.

It’s a paid plugin ($21 USD).

I haven’t done this yet but by posting it here I am adding it to the list of things I would like to do.

Here is the link:

Blogdate 050319: Facebook Lead Ads

Yesterday was facebook posts. Today is Facebook Lead Ads.

What do the ads look like?

I need to know how much text to write, what kind of image to use.

I found this:

which was useful.

Lead Ads have very little text, similar to PPC.

After I had skimmed the post I searched for some example posts and created this.

Facebook ads mockup template.jpg

As you can see… there isn’t much text. Also the grey image space crops to become the orange image space when you click through to the form.

Next I considered Facebook User “Action vs Intent”

This was my best guess.

Facebook users re solar.jpg

However, having just had a chat with a Facebook Leads expert… Brand Awareness might not count for much. The new idea is:

Click-Through-Rate vs Brand Awareness

I don’t know the validity of this but apparently Click-through beats Brand.

So good content prompts clicks.

Phew… I hope that is somewhat coherent.

OK! I went back an updated my chart…!

Facebook users re solar click through vs brand.jpg

Wham! Endorphin release resultant from feeling that I am very clever.

Next up: I try to figure out what XYZ is at each stage.

Oh i also realised that my headspace/intent column could map to “Buying Stage” (awareness, consideration, etc..)

Blogdate 040319: Facebook posts best practice

Today’s task is… one of today’s tasks is to determine what is best practice in Facebook posts for 2019.

I am going to track my finding below, feel free to come along for the ride.


  1. Video is best

  2. Question + Image (50 characters max text length)

First up: Buzzsumo’s very timely (well done you) report.


So having video would be ideal.

Second best would be a question and a photo.

Giveaways and Coupons aren’t always available but if it is.. i would hazard a guess you could add them to the question photo combo.

Links are pretty easily available. Lets do that.

Next Up: Length of posts

If you want the best chance of engagement, keep your Facebook posts no longer than 50 characters. This makes sense — Facebook consumption is extremely passive, and attention spans are short. You need to be able to grab people’s attention quickly and effectively if you want to be noticed.

So less than 50 characters. Easy.

Ok… not so easy. 50 Characters is nothing! I made a template post and I ran to 165 characters with a bit of strenuous editing. I will share a version of the template a bit later.

Do you want to read the full BuzzSumo article? Click Here.

My first blog. Production Blog: Blogdate 260709

This isn’t my first blog. In 2009 and 2010 I wrote anther.

First post was:

Production Blog: blogdate 270219

What is this blogdate stuff. It's a Star Trek reference.

Captain Kirk would say “Captains Log, Stardate ###.   We have boldly gone where no one has gone before. “

 So this is my online journal as I boldly go where I have not before. 

I am becoming more of a digital marketer and less of a content producer. The shift is this:

Previously produced content tactically to meet goals. 

More and more I am strategically defining goals for content.  

So I am still with the "content". I haven't yet completely left the physical production process behind. I do the analysis, the thinking, the planning, the design... 

... And I then do the writing, the shooting, the graphics, the editing, the reviews...  

Once the content is published then I move on.  

This is good. Imagine doing it all yourself! Incredulous.  

After all most of what I do now is lead Gen, or conversion optimisation:

  1. Increasing relevance to prospects to increase lead Gen.

  2. Optimal user experience, via messaging, to optimise conversions.

That second statement isn't the best. None the less it's all customer facing content and I couldn't be happier.  


Fixed: my windows are off the window on windows 10

PROBLEM: my windows are off the window on windows 10

 I can't access the options at top of the page because they are off the page. I have 2 screens a 4k and a HD. The 4K is the secondary monitor and it creates some weirdness like this sometimes. 

 THE FIX: ctrl + \

Thanks to Steve Bentley on the Creative Cow Forums  

Production Blog: blogdate 220219

Infographic of the week.

I was just introduced to this infographic:



Well done

This kind of graphic makes me want to dive deep into digital marketing. All those amazing moving parts working together to generate leads, define the customer experience, and build business/brand. 


Here is a link:

Production Blog: blogdate 21.02.19

Did you know I have 2 blogs?

Did you know I have 1? Well in fact I have 2.

This production blog used to be on the other blog.

Welcome to the production blog

This is where I write about “Content Production” and “Marketing” in its various forms.

This is my work, my 9 to 5, and has been in one form or another for 20 years.

You will find the tone to be conversational.

Should you prefer instead to read about life, the telling of stories, and Dungeons and Dragons then you will want to check out:

Tales Not Told, the Storytelling Blog