Andrew Gibbons will soon be 40


Hi there friend or family,

Some of you, the ones who diligently keep track of others birthdays, will know that my 40th is nearly upon me.

Rather than hosting a 30th and pretending I am still young I have instead decided to hang out with the kids. At the beach, at Wye River.

Some of you may remember that this was the exact method used by Ant Hasseldine to farewell his first 40. I am indebted to the inspiration.

I am indebted to quite a few more people, parents, siblings, wife, etc...

Most of the details are below, I will update them as I go.

The Details:

Right so you are invited,
here is what we are doing,
you are welcome to join us,
RSVP to my email or phone,
+61 (0) 4 3001 3441


A few families have booked accommodation or campsites at Wye River Big 4 Campground < click this link:

  • In: Thursday the 5th of April
  • Out: Sunday the 8th of April
  • Our booking number is: 21295 and/or 21296

Alternatively there are heaps of Holiday Rentals/Air BnB places.

40th Lunch

Lunch @ Wye River
The General Store
Saturday 7th April 2018

Lunch will be a vegan affair to share with no onion or garlic. Probably wont supply drinks but they have a bar.