i am Andrew Gibbons

i am a dad,
a content producer,
a video professional,
and a digital marketer.

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My Current Gig

Content Producer for the Kuga Group.

We are currently working on www.13kuga.com.au (don’t go there yet… its a mess).

Check out www.solarrun.com.au I did most of the content, videos, etc… Abraham Wongso did the design.

Recent Projects

I am Director and Co Producer for


My Blurb from the show:
Andrew is creative visionary who excels in making the Production process feel effortless.  Andrew’s been working with TV and video for the last 18 years. He’s worked for national broadcasters including TVNZ, large corporations, small business, and entrepreneurs in a number of industries. He is known for his wholehearted dedication to each project and his effortless ability to work with others.

Examples of Work

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More about me

As a professional creative, I excel in making the video production process feel effortless. Over the past 17 years I have worked as a Content producer, Video Professional, and Motion Graphic Designer for national broadcasters (TVNZ, Network 10), large corporations, small and online businesses, and with entrepreneurs.

My extensive background in TV/Video is complimented by the successful completion of a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (Multimedia). I am known for my wholehearted dedication to each project and my effortless ability to work with others, along with a genuine passion for video and design.

A self-motivated, results and achievement oriented individual, I take responsibility for the quality of the work that I produce, and I strive to deliver on intended results at all times. Moreover, I am motivated by people, and I want to see that the best ideas are communicated effectively. I have a lot to offer a company through my technical and creative skills and my ability to communicate with stakeholders at all levels.

Highlights of my professional career include:

  • Directing and Co-Producing an entertaining online panel show for Online Business (Season 1 delivered via Facebook, Season 2 successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter)

  • Transitioning to self-employment, allowing me to be primary carer for our son

  • Winner Australian Business Award HRM 2015: Club Assist Values Re-invigoration Project

  • 2011 Creating show titles and show graphics, including “The Bolt Report” (Network 10)

  • Winner of Qantas Media Awards in 2004 & 2006: One News (with TV New Zealand)

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